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Mars Images

Mars overhead views Thought I would post some of the interesting overhead photos taken of Mars. Work continues on Orion construction for a late 2018 launch of an unmanned craft to test the systems. Curiosity continues to explore the surface, having traveled about 10 miles of the surface since arriving on Mars.  

Curiosity-Mt Sharp

Mars Exploration Curiosity continues to explore the region around Mt. Sharp on Mars.  This photo shows the variety of areas to explore at various elevations.  Curiosity continues to search for microbial life, as of yet none has been found.  This area may hold the best promise as the rover and scientists work together to examine the minerals found at the higher levels.  So far they have found Hematite, clay and boron at these higher levels. […]

Apollo vs Orion

Apollo vs Orion  

Lack of Faith

Pray in faith There is no doubt our country is in trouble, the list of issues present day is astounding, here are a few: Terrorism threats Huge unemployment (93 million out of the workforce) Growing threats from enemies: Russia, China, N. Korea, Iran Debt – $20 Trillion Corrupt leadership Increases in violent crime Increases in drug abuse Decline in morality The issues facing the world are just as bad: Mideast turmoil Financial uncertainty – EU […]

Audiobook: October release – Gray Ghost: The Life of John Singleton Mosby

Civil War era audiobook now available   Audiobook features history of John Singleton Mosby written by James Ramage.  Final production was completed beginning of September, released October 2016. John Mosby fought in the Civil War for the Confederate Army.  He was an expert at scouting, organizing raids on the Union Army and ambushing the Union Army.  As I read this book, I was amazed at his ability to slip into enemy camps, escape certain capture and create […]

Curiosity check-in

Rough Terrain on Mars near Mt. Sharp Thought I would check-in on some of the latest activity from our rover friend, Curiosity.  Curiosity has undergone some software updates since I last wrote, it seems to be fully operational, more than I can say for my laptop, but that’s another story. Curiosity landed on Mars in 2012, it has managed to make a journey to an area dubbed ‘Mt Sharp’.  The rover has traveled over 8 […]

End-times puzzle

Are we nearing the end of the End-Times? Since the 1990s, I’ve studied Bible prophecy with regard to End-Times.  While I still have much to learn, to me the signs or pieces of the puzzle are becoming easier to identify.  They are becoming so numerous, it is hard to find a week when a news event does not exist as it relates to the End-Times.  You will see the word ‘converging’ mentioned in many articles […]

Lunar Roving Vehicle

Lunar Rover Man landing on the moon, placing those first steps, those were exciting times.  I still recall the astronauts sort of skipping along the surface, bouncing a bit due to the reduced gravity the moon offers. There was more excitement to come, with Alan Shepard of Apollo 14, being given what looked like a golf cart to carry tools for gathering samples.  In those tools was a specially designed tool that allowed Shepard to […]

The LM – Lunar Module

The Lunar Lander   In my previous posting, I wrote about the Lunar lander being stowed in the top of the S-IV-B portion of the Saturn V.  The Command Module docked with the LM and gently pulled it out of the storage area.  The two spacecraft traveled to the moon together, docked, allowing the astronauts to travel between the craft through a tunnel which was part of the docking equipment. Two of the astronauts, the […]

Audiobook – “In the Shadow of the Moon”

1960s Space Race  

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