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Education and Teaching

Education and Teaching

Teaching can be a difficult profession, the question is WHY?  I’ve seen dozens of comments each week saying the older system of teaching was working, but the new system does not work.  I’ve also see dozens of comments each week from teachers that are unhappy in their work.  I’m hoping to provide the education and teaching profession with insight on improving our education system for the benefit of both student and teacher.  And, to provide teachers with some ideas on how to bring balance to their lifestyle and make them happy again.


Teaching and Its Predicaments” written by David K Cohen provides insight into the complexity of a nationwide education system.  What better way to understand the difficulties of teaching and the reasons education reform is unsuccessful, than to produce this audiobook.

Teaching and Its Predicaments

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During my narration of this book, I found the number of variables affecting teaching to be formidable, which makes education reform difficult to achieve.  Here are just a few:

How does one begin to create a one-size-fits-all education system?

The book offers some suggestions that I believe our leaders should be taking to heart.

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How do we make teachers happy with their career again?  Many are unhappy in the teaching profession for the following reasons:


The Well-Balanced Teacher” written by Mike Anderson offers ways to put the fun and excitement back into your teaching career.  Mike was a finalist in 2005 for ‘Teacher of the Year’ in New Hampshire.

Make teaching FUN again!

The Well-Balanced Teacher

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This book is dedicated to improving the lives of teachers everywhere by offering advice on:


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For some input on old versus new education, including an explanation of the two approaches to education, I suggest the essay from famous educator John Dewey titled: Experience and Education”.  

Experience and Education

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As mentioned above, there are many variables to consider when attempting to address Education and Teaching, our nation has attempted to move to a one-size fits all approach.  Many teachers speak out daily about the failures of such a system.  It isn’t always the educational rules which cause the failure, but it can be a failure to recognize and reach a struggling student within the bounds of Dyslexia.  Not every student can learn with ease thru the written word.  Those words on a page may be:


Not all students with Dyslexia are aware they have a problem.  Not all students with Dyslexia are armed with strategies to overcome the hurdles of Dyslexia, but you as a professional teacher can learn to recognize Dyslexia and provide strategies to assist your student in the learning process.  How to Beat Adult Dyslexia” by Ade Asefeso can give you the “Tips & Tricks” to overcoming Dyslexia.

Learn a new strategy today!

How to Beath Adult Dyslexia

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Another link concerning Dyslexia.

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