End-times puzzle

Are we nearing the end of the End-Times?

Since the 1990s, I’ve studied Bible prophecy with regard to End-Times.  While I still have much to learn, to me the signs or pieces of the puzzle are becoming easier to identify.  They are becoming so numerous, it is hard to find a week when a news event does not exist as it relates to the End-Times.  You will see the word ‘converging’ mentioned in many articles written by people more knowledgable than I am.

Turkey changing direction

Many believe the battle against Israel spoken of in Ezekiel 37 thru 39 has never occurred in history.  If we look at the conditions of the Middle East, we can certainly the major instigators occupying the headlines.  When it speaks of Meshek and Tubal in 38:3, they lived in an area of present day Turkey.  Have you noticed them in the news lately?  Presumably, Turkey, a NATO ally would be a friend of Israel.  How could they be one of the countries dragged into a war with Israel?  The headlines of the last few weeks show how quickly things can change.  Turkey has resisted the idea of joining the EU in the last few years, becoming more friendly with Iran.  It is like a tug-o-war, the EU makes promises pulling them toward joining the EU.  Iran counters and pulls them their way.  Prophecy within the Bible is 100% correct, therefore, reading the verses that follow, we can predict Turkey will eventually side with Iran.

Iran is also mentioned, referred to as Persia.  Cush likely the area now known as southern Iraq.  Put occupied the area known as Libya.  Beth Torgarmah an area of Turkey, near Syria.  All of these areas are currently experiencing turmoil like we have not seen before.

Russia, it is thought, provides leadership to these countries, perhaps the backbone to rise to the challenge of attacking Israel.  Putin seems friendly to Israel, but we have also seen instances where he befriended the countries listed above.  Certainly he is aiding Syria and Iran.  I have to wonder what additional pieces of the puzzle are required to cause this conflict.  At verse 10 and 11, I find more pieces to the puzzle.  V 10 says:  On that day thoughts will come into your mind and you will devise an evil scheme.  V 11 is interesting to me, since the world seems to be talking about putting up walls.  V 11 says:  I will invade a land of UNWALLED villages.  Right now, Israel has walls.

Walls for protection

Speaking of walls, I read an article recently which said the US military is currently constructing a wall for Jordan.  They are concerned about ISIS and have seen first-hand how Israel constructed their wall for protection.  Is this another piece of the puzzle?  Refer to Mark 13:14.  Jesus talks about the destruction of the temple in earlier verses, talks about signs, but says as bad as these things are, it isn’t time yet for the end.  The Gospel must be preached to the entire world first.  Jesus then talks to his disciples about the abomination that causes desolation standing in the temple, saying it is time for those in Judea to flee to the mountains.  The mountains he refers to are located in Jordan.  I cannot say for certain this is a piece of the end times puzzle, but I find the timing and the location interesting.  In my life, I have found God takes care of the smallest details, you just have to be watching, thinking and trusting.  Are you watching?