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Non-fiction audiobooks


This blog site showcases Non-fiction audiobooks.  The subjects vary widely with offerings in:

  1. Space Exploration
  2. Civil War History
  3. World War I History
  4. Acts of Espionage and the study of counterintelligence

Released 2017


“Bold They Rise” by David Hitt & Heather R. Smith


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Released October 2016:


“Gray Ghost: The Life of John Singleton Mosby” by James Ramage



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Confederate John Singleton Mosby forged his reputation on the most exhilarating of military activities: the overnight raid. Mosby possessed a genius for guerrilla and psychological warfare, taking control of the dark to make himself the “Gray Ghost” of Union nightmares. Gray Ghost, the first full biography of Confederate raider John Mosby, reveals new information on every aspect of Mosby’s life, providing the first analysis of his impact on the Civil War from the Union viewpoint.

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In the Shadow of the Moon by Francis French & Colin Burgess


In the Shadow of the Moon cover

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“Alvin York: A New Biography of the Hero of the Argonne” (American Warrior Series) by Douglas V. Mastriano



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Social Media & Social Conflict

The movie – “The Fifth Estate” deals with present day issues as they relate to the use of Social Media.  The story is of course about WikiLeaks and Julian Assange, who released many government documents and posted them on the internet.  We see how groups such as ISIS are using social media to recruit new members into their cause with destructive results.

Wiki at War

To understand how social media is being used in the world in negative ways pick up “Wiki at War” by James Jay Carafano.  The book covers much of the same subject matter, including Mr. Assange and WikiLeaks.  The author explores:

For Star Trek fans, the author has a chapter devoted to the impressions the original series had on our military planners.

We have seen many recent examples of social media in use to challenge governments around the world – Egypt, Syria, Iran come to mind.

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Sample audio

Many who have purchased another of my audiobooks, “Thwarting Enemies at Home and Abroad – How to Become a Counter-Intelligence Officer” by William R. Johnson, should include this audiobook Wiki at War” in their collection.  I really see the two books complementing each other.


As our country tries to sort out the issues surrounding Benghazi, it has become clear our leadership within the CIA has been compromised.  We may never know if the issues and reporting of those issues was covered-up at CIA Headquarters or if it extended to the White House.  As long as there have been spies, there have been counter-spies, double-agents and secrets compromised.


When the book Thwarting Enemies at Home and Abroad  was available for narration, I couldn’t pass it up.  Here was the real deal.  Someone in the counter-intelligence business, talking about some of his experience, some of his observations and some of the work involved being a spy.

Mr. Johnson provides some of the details involved in setting up shop, equipment required, the type of people that make good CounterIntelligence officers, finding a good location.  Discussion about drops, de-briefings and searching for information.

Sample audio

Tomorrow’s Air Force

Looking ahead to future airpower requirements, this engaging and ground-breaking book on the history and future of American combat airpower argues that the USAF must adapt to the changes that confront it or risk decline into irrelevance. To provide decision makers with the necessary analytical tools, Jeffrey J. Smith uses organizational modeling to help explain historical change in the USAF and to anticipate change in the future.

Tomorrow's Air Force

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WW II Bomber – Bay doors open
WW II Bomber - Bay doors open and close

F-22 in flight

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