On the way to the moon

Apollo Command and Service Modules   We are now on the way to the moon, riding in the Command Module with the Service Module attached.  The Service Module contains fuel tanks for the single engine, electrical power equipment and other supplies such as oxygen and water. We started this process with a rocket of about 360 feet and are now down to a spacecraft that measures about 36 feet in length and only about 13 […]

Saturn V – third-stage – S-IVB

Storing the LM   In previous posts, I wrote about the first-stage and second-stage of the Saturn V launch vehicle.  Let’s look at the  third-stage, called the S-IV-B.  This stage had some interesting qualities about it.  Instead of multiple rocket engines, it had only a single rocket motor.  The rocket motor was capable of being started or ignited more than once, something the first two stages could not do.  The first burn of the engine […]

Saturn V – second-stage

2nd-stage acceleration   In my previous posts about the Saturn V, I spoke a little about the first-stage of the rocket.  A massive container, most of the weight, being fuel which was completely emptied in a little over 2 minutes.  When the first-stage was completed, the craft was traveling around 5,100 mph.  Sounds quite impressive!  It actually is impressive, but it isn’t fast enough, or high enough, to achieve orbit or escape the gravity of […]

Saturn V rocket

Wow, they took that whole thing to the moon?   As I stated in my previous posting, on a couple of visits to the Cape visitor center, people looking at the model of the Saturn V would often think the WHOLE rocket went to the moon.  Sorry, that’s not the case.  It took the whole rocket to build up enough speed to escape Earth’s gravity sending a large payload to the moon.     If […]

Journey to the Moon

What did it take to put men on the moon?     In my lifetime, I’ve made 3 trips to the Cape Kennedy (Canaveral) .  My first trip occurred when Apollo 17 (our last manned mission to the moon) was being assembled in the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB).  The second visit was in 1988, the visitor center at that time wasn’t much to look at, it was rather outdated.  The most recent trip was in […]

The first job

First Jobs   To those just getting started in the workplace a few words of wisdom.  Most of you getting your first job are likely working in retail.  The hours are unpredictable, you have to work weekends, the pay may only be minimum wage.  Your managers are also unpredictable, they can be very nice and accommodating or they can be more evil than the worst villain ever imagined on the big screen.  Being your first […]

Using the ‘ACE’

How to be effective at the workplace quickly   I’ve had the opportunity throughout my careers to work for several companies, in several industries.  In this high-pressure world we live in, it is important to become useful to a company quickly.  I certainly didn’t start my career hitting the ground running.  Rather, as a young adult, I took tasks and the processes to complete them from management, at the speed I was fed.  There were […]

Three years of Travel

Curiosity Rover keeps exploring.   Curiosity rover celebrated the 3rd year anniversary exploring Mars, this week.  The rover continues to perform many scientific duties taking photos, analyzing soil samples and drilling into rock.  The rover has traveled a total of 7 miles in three years, traversing rugged terrain causing some wear on the wheels.  Here is a photo of terrain near Mt. Sharp. Meanwhile, NASA continues to work on a number of experiments on Earth […]

From Point A to Point ‘me’

The spreading of the Gospel   The Gospel of Christ has certainly spread throughout the world since that day of Pentecost so many years ago, as told in the New Testament book of ‘Acts’.  Have you ever wondered how that message of Jesus spread from Jerusalem, the birthplace of the Church, making the way to YOU?  That message of Jesus life, crucifixion and resurrection.  That message of having faith in him to have sufficiently removed […]

Heat shield review – NASA

Man looks toward Mars The first flight of the new Orion spacecraft completed months ago, appeared successful when viewing the entire mission, but the real work of determining success or failure has just begun.  Like any system developed there are countless tests which must be performed and analyzed.  With the Orion, it is no different. One of the new components developed for Orion is the heat shield.  The shield, measuring about 16 feet in diameter, […]

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