Space Launch System Engine Testing continues

Space Launch System rocket tests continue, ends for 2017

Space Launch System rocket tests continue, ends for 2017. NASA completed the eighth test of an RS-25 at their testing facility in Mississippi.  NASA plans several more tests for 2018, one such test will fire-up 4 of the RS-25s at the same time.  Four of the RS-25 engines will boost the Orion into orbit.  When the four engines are combined with two solid-rocket boosters, they will produce 8 million pounds of thrust, more than the Saturn-V that took men to the moon from 1969-1972.

NASA is also testing the first part manufactured using 3-D printing.  The 3-D manufactured part is a pogo accumulator.  3-D printing techniques reduce manufacturing time, thereby reducing costs.

NASA is busy testing and building the next vehicle for launch, the mission will be called SLS Exploration Mission-1 (EM-1).  This mission will be unmanned for safety reasons, but will provide full system checks, and data for a complete system review.  A second mission (EM-2) will be manned.  No dates have been firmed up for launch.