Audiobook: October release – Gray Ghost: The Life of John Singleton Mosby

Civil War era audiobook now available


Audiobook features history of John Singleton Mosby written by James Ramage.  Final production was completed beginning of September, released October 2016.

John Mosby fought in the Civil War for the Confederate Army.  He was an expert at scouting, organizing raids on the Union Army and ambushing the Union Army.  As I read this book, I was amazed at his ability to slip into enemy camps, escape certain capture and create fear in the enemy.  Many times his group of men were greatly outnumbered, but through his skill he managed to win against the enemy.

After the war, he held many positions in the government, not afraid to call attention to dishonesty and corruption.  He worked closely with presidents to clean house in various departments of the government, again, when the odds of success seemed against him.  Like Alvin York, from World War I (another recent audiobook production), Christian faith and honesty made up the core of this man.